Backyard Chickens: Daily Chores


Hey folks, So a lovely friend who I met through an online business community we are both members of commented asking¬†about what it takes to raise backyard chickens. I had already planned on creating a post on this very topic, so I decided to dive in and get it written. Here goes! The first couple of weeks were a bit intense. I had no idea what I was doing, so…


Backyard Chickens and Salmonella


I want to make sure that backyard chicken enthusiasts across the globe have the information they need to make informed decisions about how to keep their chickens and their families healthy, happy and safe!


Easter Egg Layers


When deciding what chicks to order, we looked at every breed we could find. A few years ago when my husband Mountain was a farm manager at Salt Spring Cheese on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, he was responsible for running their Easter weekend gathering and celebration. One of the entertainment stalls we set up provided kids and adults an opportunity to interact with baby chicks. We ordered “Easter…