Daily Chick Pic

I have decided to make the Daily Chick pic a category on my blog, so I will now be publishing a post featuring a picture of one or all of our chicks on a daily basis! Feel free to share your pictures with me, as I’d love to see your backyard chickens or farm chickens as well! – Joy

The Lone Chick


While transferring our baby chicks from their shipping box to their new digs, I couldn’t help myself. I had to take a picture of a chick in a basket! They are so adorable!


The Kids Love our Baby Chicks!


First day our one day old “Easter egg” hens arrived! As you can see, our daughter Ary was really excited!


Our Chicks All Arrived Alive!


It’s crazy not only how tiny our new baby chicks are but also that they came to us in the mail! Of the wonders of modern farming! What a special package!