Predator: The Silent Killer

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Hey folks,

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk writing when the chaotic movements of our chickens caught my eye. They were flapping and racing to the woods. I couldn’t see any sign of a predator or threat, so I just kept watching. Sometimes our brood gets like this is one chicken finds something exciting to eat. The others somehow understand that one of her sisters has found something tasty and they all flock to where she is.

Unfortunately, in this situation that was not the case. I don’t know how they knew it was coming (chickens are so much smarter than most people give them credit). But luckily, they did know what was coming. As I continued watching, a huge owl with an incredible wing span flew straight towards my brood!

The girls upped their game and all but one dashed into the woods, allowing the forest to be their protector. The lone chick was doing her best to hit the cover before the owl swooped down, like an arrow ready to hit a target. At the last second, when the owl was maybe a few feet from my chick, it must have decided it was too close to one of the lower branches on the tree at the edge of the woods.

The owl turned so abruptly I was in awe. My chicks were safe and I got to watch this incredible creature maneuver its way along the edge of the trees. It is a resident owl that I often see and hear at night time. This is the first time I have ever seen him during the day. If any veteran chickens mamas or papas happen to be reading this, please share the inner secret with me. How do chickens communicate and how do they seem to know when they are in danger before the danger is visible? I find it truly fascinating!

Hope your life is filled with nature, beauty, and abundance!


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