Backyard Chickens: Daily Chores


Hey folks, So a lovely friend who I met through an online business community we are both members of commented askingĀ about what it takes to raise backyard chickens. I had already planned on creating a post on this very topic, so I decided to dive in and get it written. Here goes! The first couple of weeks were a bit intense. I had no idea what I was doing, so…


Backyard Chickens and Salmonella


I want to make sure that backyard chicken enthusiasts across the globe have the information they need to make informed decisions about how to keep their chickens and their families healthy, happy and safe!


My Birthday Chicks Arrived!


What a beautiful birthday present! Baby chicks! I was laying in bed sound asleep when I heard the all too familiar pop of a text message arriving on my phone. The text was from my husband. He asked me to call him the moment I opened my beautiful eyes (his words not mine;). So I propped myself up on my pillow, looked out the window to affirm that we were…