Update on the Brood!

Hey folks,

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a post! I have been busy with the family, my businesses, the Wealthy Affiliate Community I am a part of as well as working away to get projects done on our micro-farm! Things are clucking right along, lol. Funny how, once you have chickens, you integrate chick language into your everyday conversations.

As for the brood, they are thriving! We have them secured in their coop and are currently free ranging them during the day. It is our intention to create a very large forest-forage run for them but it is taking us longer than anticipated to get it finished so in the meantime we are free ranging them with limited supervision.

I took a few pictures this morning and I have also begun working on my book! I love that the girls are already choosing to forage in the area we are putting their run. They are totally camouflaged, as you’ll see from the pictures. I know I am a total newbie, but I want to share my passion and love for backyard chickens, so wish me luck on getting my book finished. Hope life is bliss!

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  1. Hi Joy, lovely pictures! I would love to have chickens too and so would probably my hunting dog 😀 I am wondering though how much work they really are. Do they each lay an egg per day? My family consumes a lot of eggs!
    Keep my updated on your hen house adventures.

    1. Hey, It is actually not as bad as I expected. My post today is focused on the day-to-day tasks involved with raising chickens and the benefits…so standby and I will answer your questions! – Joy

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